Öztiryakiler was established in 1958 as one of the first manufacturing companies of Turkey in industrial kitchen equipments sector. Öztiryakiler, which made production in the workplace 50 m² in the first years of its foundation, provides service with its 1300 employees in the field of production in a closed area of 140.000 m² in five different production plants.

Öztiryakiler, which has a widespread marketing and after-sales service network with its 4 Regional Directorates, 72 agents, 110 authorized services in Turkey, is in the leader position in domestic market in the industrial kitchen sector. It also provides service in foreign markets with its distributing channels and authorized services in 5 continents and over 100 countries and it is one of the first 15 companiesin terms of product variety and turnover size in the sector throughout the world. 

Öztiryakiler's high performance at domestic and  overseas for a long time has consistently attracted attention in global markets and attracted the attention of big investor organizations. As a matter of fact, Hoshizaki Europe Holding B.V., the European investment arm of Japanese-based Hoshizaki Corporation, in 2019. With the sale of shares and the capital increase made in the company, partnership establishment was realized. With this partnership aimed at achieving high competitive power in global markets, the technological knowledge, experience and financial power of the world giant Hoshizaki in its sector and the flexible and high dynamic production power of Öztiryakiler have come together. As a result of this partnership which is carried out entirely for strategic purposes, Öztiryakiler has attained a high potential power in domestic and overseas.

Öztiryakiler has the most improved applications and product technologies that are common in the sector with its production technologies and Machinery Park. Its R&D, P&D, engineering units, strong laboratory and project design and applications related to product-process improvement studies are carried out with the supports of technical universities and TUBITAK. It has an award as one of the companies which have the most certificates in the sector from Turkish Patent Institute in its beneficiary model and patent studies, industrial design registration in products and product’s features with innovation quality and unique design.  Öztiryakiler provides design, production and service support of all processes from the project design, assembly to the start-up activities of a kitchen by training the personnel with with the high product variety it offers such as storing, preparing, cooking, handling and service equipments in the field of industrial kitchen sector including hotel, restaurant, café (HoReCa) kitchens as the beginning, then patisserie groups, military kitchens, mobile land kitchens and equipments, hospital sanitary equipments and schools and factory equipment. 

Notably devices and products which are produced by Öztiryakiler, are certified by international certification centers by making their tests both in the scope of the company and in laboratories from external sources. It has certificated for more than 2000 products and product groups which shall be valid in national and export markets about sales of those products to international market. Some of those certificates are; CE for European regional market, ETL and NSF for United States of America and EAC for Russia. 

Öztiryakiler certified its management systems with first ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate in 1998, then ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Certificate and ISO 22163 IRIS International Railway Industry Standard.



Dear deceased Muharrem Öztiryaki started his Professional life in 1930s in a 50 m² store in Gerede by producing teapots, buckets and food trays. He moved his workplace in Gerede to Istanbul with the first store that he opened in Istanbul Copper Bazaar in 1945 and he registered the brand of Muharrem Öztiryaki to Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in 1958. In the coming years, Tahsin Öztiryaki participated to Aydoğan and Yusuf Öztiryaki who took over the business and those brothers who combined their knowledge, skills and experience, started to take those steps which bring Öztiryakiler today.

Öztiryakiler, who increased their production capacity and product range by following improvements of kitchen industry in the world for years, became an unlimited company in 1973 and a joint-stock company in 1982.

It started export in 1977 and produced the first wide shallow pot with the diameter of 110 cm for Turkish army in 1980 by leading the way.

Öztiryakiler, which produces container products that could work in hard land and cliamte conditions by terms of high-performance air-conditioning equipments and also products for preparation, cooking, service, handling, dishwashing rooms of industrial kitchens; reached to a point that could set as an example in the world with its turnkey projects that are prepared and delivered to foreign countries in the world market. Öztiryakiler, which makes 95% of its sales in this market under the brand name of OZTİ “Made in Turkey”, has users that needs high-quality industrial kitchens in several countries such as Dubai, Seychelles, Maricus Islands, Australia, China, Gana, Nigeria, Malya and Libya. Öztiryakiler, which certified its product and managing system with ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate in 1998; exports 70% of its products to over 100 caountires in 5 continents. Öztiryakiler, which gained quality certificates for the countries to where it makes exports in line with the procedures, has quality certificates which cover more than 2000 products and product groups to be valid in both national and international export market in selling its products to international market such as CE for European market, ETL and NSF for United States of America and Gost for Russia.

Öztiryakiler, which is the world representative of its sector with its product range of more than 4500 products, 1300 employees and technological production plants of 130.000 m² in total as in Istanbul, Antalya, Russia and Çorlu; is one of the first 15 companies in the international market with its 10 group companies, 4 regional directorates throughout the country, 50 agents and its wide sales and service network bound to its Central After-Sales Service Directorate with 80 showrooms, Project offices, sales offices, storages in Turkey and Kazakhstan and Russia.

Öztiryakiler, which has a machine-technology park with the most improved technical features of the World, supports the training of its emloyees of more than 250 authorized representative technical service with its technical product education that it arranges in every year.

Öztiryakiler, which carries out its Project and innovation studies with the support of universities, domestic and foreign R&D organizations and Tubitak as well as the engineering teams in the scope of it; is one of the first 34 companies to which TURQUALITY certificate and period approval for the second five-years period are given by the Undersecreteriat of Foreign Trade to companies which could provide brand performance in corporate management principles; in scope of the project called “Creating 10 World Brands in 10 Years” from companies which sell products under their unique brans names to the international market. Moreover, it participates more than both domestic and foreign fairs with the responsibility of its mission and analyzes demands and expectations of its customers in terms of their regional, cultural and demographical structures.



Corporate Philosophy


Our Vision

"To be a customer-oriented, human and environmentally sensitive, technological, quality and innovative leader brand in the industrial kitchen sector"

Our Mission

          With all our Employees;

  • To meet customer expectations at the maximum level.
  • To ensure continuity in quality and service.
  • To provide continuous added value to society and the environment.

Management Philosophy


  • To ensure that our company is trusted by employees and the society, with the principle of following the laws sensitively.
  • To create and maintain a transparent and traceable management model,
  • To provide a healthy and safe working environment sensitive to people and the environment in our business activities.



          We undertake;

  • To comply quality management system principles and to prove continuous development of system efficiency.
  • To meet the customer’s requirements perfectly.
  • To apply the effıcient training programs at each unit.
  • To use modern production techniques.
  • To provide continuity of activites of design and & research development.
  • To carry on effective marketing researches .
  • To provide after – sales services.


           As Öztiryakiler;

  • We undertake to comply with all of the laws, regulations and obligations relating to the environmental policy,
  • To decrease the negative environmental effects at source and to prevent the environmental pollution and to pursue the environmental management performance continually,
  • To carry out continuous studies for the purpose of using the energy and natural resources productively,
  • To develop the environment-friendly applications and practices in the design, production, sales and after-sales activities starting from the selection of the input materials which form our products,
  • To care attention in decreasing the negative environmental conditions in the lifetimes of our products,
  • To create a continuous improvement point of view at all stages of the environmental management system,
  • To make our employees aware and conscious of being environmental volunteers on all of the areas of the life,
  • To improve and develop the environmental management system which is already formed and established in order to create the natural life areas for the future generations.
Intertek Etl Semko
CE 1009 Kalite Belgesi
AT TİP İnceleme Belgesi
Gost Hijyen Belgesi
Gost Kalite Belgesi
Hırvatistan Kalite Belgesi
Kalite Yönetim Sistem Belgesi
ÜRÜN Kalite Güvencesi Belgesi
Surveilance Statement
Kalite Yönetim Sistem Belgesi
NSF Hijyen Belgesi
Marka Tescil Belgesi
Ozti Marka Tescil Belgesi
Hizmet Yeterlilik Belgesi
TSE Kalite Belgesi
TÜV Kalite Belgesi
TÜV Kalite Belgesi
Turquality Marka Destek Belgesi
UKR Sepro Hijyen Belgesi
UKR Sepro Kalite Belgesi


As Öztiryakiler;


  • We undertake to produce the higher quality kitchen equipments in the Railway Industry;
  • To make the quality and technology as a culture in all of our processes;
  • To ensure the required healthcare, safety and environmental conditions carefully and with priority in all of our related processes,
  • To comply with all of the laws, regulations and rules relating to the International Railway Industry properly;
  • To comply with all of the laws and regulations relating to the Product Safety, to take the necessary measures and to ensure the required standards accordingly;
  • To ensure the continuance and control of all of the research, development and implementation activities on the subject of the technical, security and safety matters of the products;
  • To monitor the technological developments of the international railway equipments and systems and then to make our product development permanent;
  • To ensure our successful position in the sector also in the railway sector applications as well.




Dear Oztiryakiler Stakeholders;

It is the responsibility of all our Employees to;

  • Carry out our activities with the awareness of "Respect, Love, Loyalty, Sincerity, Responsibility" to our employees, customers, suppliers, dealers, authorized services, laws and shareholders,
  • Understand the needs and expectations of the relevant parties correctly at the first time, on time, quickly and in accordance with national and international standards,
  • Desire to produce the initials and innovations,
  • Produce kitchen projects in global markets,

Comply with the environment, legal regulations, occupational health and safety, human rights and international standards, and global ethical values while performing our activities, which are our basic values constituting the sustainability of our Industrial Kitchen story started in 1958.

I invite you to realize our business continuity along with our company goals in accordance with the code of ethics appropriate to our corporate philosophy.


                                                                                                          Chairman of the Board

                                                                                                           Yusuf Kenan OZTIRYAKI




Ethics Hotline

Ethics Committee


Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Hadimkoy Yolu Caddesi No:8


Phone / Whatsapp Line: +90 537 523 83 83






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