About Us

Öztiryakiler was established in 1958 as one of the first manufacturing companies of Turkey in kitchen equipments sector. Öztiryakiler, which made production in the workplace 50 m² in the first years of its foundation, provides service in its 10 group companies with its 1300 employees in the field of production in a closed area of 149.500 m² in five different production plants.

Öztiryakiler, which has a widespread marketing and after-sales service network with its 4 Regional Directorates, 60 agents, 64 authorized series in Turkey, is in the leader position in domestic market in the industrial kitchen sector. It also provides service in foreign markets with its distributing channels and authorized services in 5 continents and over 100 countries and it is one of the first 15 companies in the sector throughout the world. It has showrooms and warehouses in which there are sales-marketing and project teams in Russia and Kazakhstan, and it also has a production plant in Russia which makes production in 10000 m² closed area. 

Öztiryakiler has the most improved applications and product technologies that are common in the sector with its production technologies and Machinery Park. Its R&D, P&D, engineering units, strong laboratory and project design and applications related to product-process improvement studies are carried out with the supports of technical universities and TUBITAK. It has an award as one of the companies which have the most certificates in the sector from Turkish Patent Institute in its beneficiary model and patent studies, industrial design registration in products and product’s features with innovation quality and unique design.  Öztiryakiler provides design, production and service support of all processes from the project design, assembly to the start-up activities of a kitchen by training the personnel with its products over 4750 in product groups such as storing, preparing, cooking, handling and service equipments in the field of industrial kitchen sector including hotel, restaurant, café (HoReCa) kitchens as the beginning, then patisserie groups, military kitchens, mobile land kitchens and equipments, hospital sanitary equipments and schools and factory equipments. 

Notably devices and products which are produced by Öztiryakiler, are certified by international certification centers by making their tests both in the scope of the company and in laboratories from external sources. It has certificated for more than 2000 products and product groups which shall be valid in national and export markets about sales of those products to international market. Some of those certificates are; CE for European regional market, ETL and NSF for United States of America and EAC  for Russia. 

Öztiryakiler, which certified its product and managing system with ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate in 1998; is one of the first 34 companies to which TURQUALITY certificate and period approval for the second five-years period are given by the Under secretariat of Foreign Trade to companies which could provide brand performance in corporate management principles; in scope of the project called “Creating 10 World Brands in 10 Years” from companies which sell products under their unique brand names to the international market


Dear deceased Muharrem Öztiryaki started his Professional life in 1930s in a 50 m² store in Gerede by producing teapots, buckets and food trays. He moved his workplace in Gerede to Istanbul with the first store that he opened in Istanbul Copper Bazaar in 1945 and he registered the brand of Muharrem Öztiryaki to Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in 1958. In the coming years, Tahsin Öztiryaki participated to Aydoğan and Yusuf Öztiryaki who took over the business and those brothers who combined their knowledge, skills and experience, started to take those steps which bring Öztiryakiler today.

Öztiryakiler, who increased their production capacity and product range by following improvements of kitchen industry in the world for years, became an unlimited company in 1973 and a joint-stock company in 1982.

It started export in 1977 and produced the first wide shallow pot with the diameter of 110 cm for Turkish army in 1980 by leading the way.

Öztiryakiler, which produces container products that could work in hard land and cliamte conditions by terms of high-performance air-conditioning equipments and also products for preparation, cooking, service, handling, dishwashing rooms of industrial kitchens; reached to a point that could set as an example in the world with its turnkey projects that are prepared and delivered to foreign countries in the world market. Öztiryakiler, which makes 95% of its sales in this market under the brand name of OZTİ “Made in Turkey”, has users that needs high-quality industrial kitchens in several countries such as Dubai, Seychelles, Maricus Islands, Australia, China, Gana, Nigeria, Malya and Libya. Öztiryakiler, which certified its product and managing system with ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate in 1998; exports 70% of its products to over 100 caountires in 5 continents. Öztiryakiler, which gained quality certificates for the countries to where it makes exports in line with the procedures, has quality certificates which cover more than 2000 products and product groups to be valid in both national and international export market in selling its products to international market such as CE for European market, ETL and NSF for United States of America and Gost for Russia.

Öztiryakiler, which is the world representative of its sector with its product range of more than 4500 products, 1300 employees and technological production plants of 130.000 m² in total as in Istanbul, Antalya, Russia and Çorlu; is one of the first 15 companies in the international market with its 10 group companies, 4 regional directorates throughout the country, 50 agents and its wide sales and service network bound to its Central After-Sales Service Directorate with 80 showrooms, Project offices, sales offices, storages in Turkey and Kazakhstan and Russia.

Öztiryakiler, which has a machine-technology park with the most improved technical features of the World, supports the training of its emloyees of more than 250 authorized representative technical service with its technical product education that it arranges in every year.

Öztiryakiler, which carries out its Project and innovation studies with the support of universities, domestic and foreign R&D organizations and Tubitak as well as the engineering teams in the scope of it; is one of the first 34 companies to which TURQUALITY certificate and period approval for the second five-years period are given by the Undersecreteriat of Foreign Trade to companies which could provide brand performance in corporate management principles; in scope of the project called “Creating 10 World Brands in 10 Years” from companies which sell products under their unique brans names to the international market. Moreover, it participates more than both domestic and foreign fairs with the responsibility of its mission and analyzes demands and expectations of its customers in terms of their regional, cultural and demographical structures.


  Our Mission

In line with the goals and strategies of Öztiryakiler;

    • To provide additional value continuously to the public and environment,

    • By providing production, supply, sales and after-sales services of industrial kitchen products;

    • By prioritizing the customer, employee and shareholders’ satisfaction

    • By improving knowledge and skills of employees

    • By using sources in the most productive way

    • By ensuring the continuity in quality and service,

    • To provide value to society and the environment.

Our Vision
 To be one of the first 10 companies in the World Industrial Kitchen Sector.


As Öztiryakiler;


  • We undertake to produce the higher quality kitchen equipments in the Railway Industry;
  • To make the quality and technology as a culture in all of our processes;
  • To ensure the required healthcare, safety and environmental conditions carefully and with priority in all of our related processes,
  • To comply with all of the laws, regulations and rules relating to the International Railway Industry properly;
  • To comply with all of the laws and regulations relating to the Product Safety, to take the necessary measures and to ensure the required standards accordingly;
  • To ensure the continuance and control of all of the research, development and implementation activities on the subject of the technical, security and safety matters of the products;
  • To monitor the technological developments of the international railway equipments and systems and then to make our product development permanent;
  • To ensure our successful position in the sector also in the railway sector applications as well.


Intertek Etl Semko
CE 1009 Kalite Belgesi
AT TİP İnceleme Belgesi
Gost Hijyen Belgesi
Gost Kalite Belgesi
Hırvatistan Kalite Belgesi
Kalite Yönetim Sistem Belgesi
ÜRÜN Kalite Güvencesi Belgesi
Surveilance Statement
Kalite Yönetim Sistem Belgesi
NSF Hijyen Belgesi
Marka Tescil Belgesi
Ozti Marka Tescil Belgesi
Hizmet Yeterlilik Belgesi
TSE Kalite Belgesi
TÜV Kalite Belgesi
TÜV Kalite Belgesi
Turquality Marka Destek Belgesi
UKR Sepro Hijyen Belgesi
UKR Sepro Kalite Belgesi
Özmet A.Ş.

The first establishment date of our company which makes production in İstanbul central (main) factory was 1987. Our company, which has been gradually growing from its establishment up today, makes production in the closed area of nearly 15.000m2. In the scope of our company, there are industrial kitchen devices (900 serial, 750 serial, 650 serial, convection ovens et.), project products (stainless steel working benches, kitchen sinks, stove hoods, self-service units) and products for fast-food chain stores all produced with high-quality in world standards.


Aysberg Soğutma Metal San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Aysberg, which is a leading institutions in both domestic and world markets with its production of industrial type fridge and cold room, is an important part of ÖZTİRYAKİLER A.Ş. It provides special tailor-made cooling solutions with its production of air and water cooling devices under the brand name of OZTICOLD in split and central cooling systems. 50% of our production is exported.

Ekonoma Mutfak ve Servis Ekip. San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

İstanbul Merkez Fabrikada 7000m2 alanda üretim yapmakta olan firmamız bünyesinde ahşap, metal ve montaj olmak üzere toplam 3 atölyede; ahşap, metal, paslanmaz, ahşap boya, metal boya, pleksiglas, elektrik ve soğutma bölümlerinde üretim faaliyetlerini sürdürmektedir. Firmamızda üretilen ana ürün grupları; açık büfeler, servis arabaları, banket masa ve sandalyeleri ile ürün gamımıza yeni katılan teşhir dolaplarından oluşmaktadır. Müşterinin ihtiyaçları ve mimari talepleri doğrultusunda bilgisayar ortamında projelendirme yapmakta ve müşterinin ihtiyaçlarına en uygun çözümleri en estetik şekilde sunmaktadır.

Aymak End. Mut. Cih.azları San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Aymak, which was established as a subsidiary of ÖZTİRYAKİLER A.Ş. in 1992, carries on its business in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. It increased its capacity in 2011 with the new factory investment. Aymak, which is one of the leading companies in the production of stainless steel notr kitchen benches, stainless steel kitchen trolleys and kitchen hoods, meets an important part of both domestic and foreign sales of Öztiryakiler A.Ş. Aymak A.Ş. is one of the leading companies in Turkey in its sector by following all types of innovations and technologies in its own production items.

Öztiryakiler Endüstriyel Kaplama Ekmekçilik ve Pastacılık Ekipmanları San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Our company produces trays and cake pans which are used in production and cooking of bakery products such as toast, sandwich, hamburger breads and baguettes, bagels and cakes. It is the leading company of Turkey which could provide a whole service to the bakery products sector by both producing those equipments and making their non-stick coatings. Our company, which could also make tailor-made productions for customers, produces also tray trolleys and cooking trolleys for rotary ovens. Our primary coating types are PTFE, FEP, PFA derivatives and Siliconç. Besides, non-stick coating is also made to machine parts and moulds which are used and need to be non-stick in textile, machinery, shoemaking and dairy production sectors. Our company, which provides the largest bread and cake producers in Turkey, always make exports to a large geographical area including European countries first, and North African countries, Russia and South American countries.

Oztiinoks Döner Makineleri A.Ş.

It is the leading company of the sector with its production of gas or electric kebab wheeling ovens, toasters, grill and barbecue with different designs and with its certified high quality standards. Our company which makes difference with its unique designs, energy saving, ergonomic structure and easy-to-clean and hygienic features, always enriches its product range with its experienced R&D Staff.
High Quality Standard

Our products are meeting with our customers securely throughout the world with • Compliance with local and international standards (CE, EU standards, etc.)
• Russian GOST and American ETL certificates.
Our technical designed products, which are admitted in world standards in the matter of CO oscillation, are also environment-friendly. Our products are marketed in the domestic market under the brand name of Öztiryakiler, and in international markets they are marketed under the brand name of OZTİ.
Oztiinoks Döner Makineleri A.Ş.

Blanco Öztiryakiler Mutfak Donanımı San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

Our company presents household kitchen sinks under the brand name of BLANCO and PERA, armatures and solo heaters, ovens, kitchen hoods and aspirators, garbage disposers, dishwashers and washing machines, microwave ovens, water puyrification systems and several accessories to both domestic and foreign customers. Moreover, our company serves also to the mass housing projects in Turkey. The share of our company which is obtained from site housing investments grows in recent years. Our company, which makes exports to several countries primariliy neighbouring countries, carries on its business successfully since 1998.

Ozti Sanitar Tesisat Ürünleri San. Ve Tic. A.Ş.

Our company, which operates since 2010 as bound to Öztiryakiler Group, provides medical and sanitary products of which most of them are made from stainless to hospitals, hotels, schools, shopping centers and social sites and similar customers in both domestic and foreign markets under the brand name of OZTİ. In the medical group of our company which has a wide product range; stainless steel drug cupboards, blood storage cupboards, sinks and automatic armatures that are used in surgery rooms in order to wash hands or devices, device trays and all types of stainless steel tables, trolleys and other products could be mentioned. Hand and hair drying machines, bath and toilet fittings, liquid soap and disinfection automats, baby changing units, trash bins and similar products which are all demanded by shopping centers and users of wet surfaces as well as hospitals and hotels, could be mentioned in the sanitary product group. Our company carries on its activities of preparing projects and offers for both domestic and foreign markets with its competent staff.


Our company offers turney solutions in personnel training, preparing technical documentation, project design and equipment assembly in TURKEY PROJECTS. Besides, it provides technical service and spare parts team after the guarantee period.

Kazakistan Showroom

It provides marketing of all products made by Öztiryakiler Company and consultancy, preparing design and projects of kitchens, planning concept kitchens, assembly and technical services.. Our company offers turney solutions in personnel training, preparing technical documentation, project design and equipment assembly in TURKEY PROJECTS. Besides, it provides technical service and spare parts team after the guarantee period.


Occupational Safety and Health

Health and Safety Policy

  • To ensure all our employees to be trained about ocupational safety,
  • To take all measures in order to prevent occupational accidents, occupational diseases and environmental pollution that could be arisen due to our activities
  • To show sensitivity for being in compliance with all related legal regulations,
  • To make activities that could prevent health and safety risks a part of quality system documentations and decision making processes, ,
  • To improve our health and safety performance continuously.

HSE (Health-Safety-Environment) Policy

In the scope of our social responsibilities, as an organization which produce additional value for its shareholders and environment to which it is responsible;

  • To create a waste management system in order to protect nature and environment
  • To make risk analyses in all our processes and to improve the preventive approach culture,
  • To adopt consuming awareness of natural sources with all of our employees by using energy and water resources economically,
  • To take the approach of “Environment-friendly Product” as a reference in our product designs and R&D applications
  • To include our employees in training programs for the improvement of health, safety and environmental awareness.






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Ticaret Sicil no: 185546          Mersis No: 0708001343300010       

Ticaret Ünvanı: Öztiryakiler Madeni Eşya San. Tic. A.Ş.

Adres:Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Hadımköy Yolu Caddesi No:8 Büyükçekmece/İstanbul                     

Web Adresi:             

Tel: +90 (212) 886 78 00




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