GN 2/1 Freezer)


GN 2/1 Freezer

  • GN 2/1 size freezer with 4 doors
  • HACCP digital control panel
  • 304 quality stainless steel
  • Operating temperature -5/-22°C
  • Clean-free condenser
  • Maximum internal capacity minimal temperature increase during defrost.
  • Most efficient air distribution inside with a specially designed air channel.
  • The inner liners and inner lower base which are deep drawn comply with the highest hygiene standards with rounded corners and are made of stainless steel.
  • Mono-block design
  • Automatic fan cut-out switch and internal led light
  • Wide magnetic removable gasket with triple indulation area provides an effective seal which reduces heat lost.
  • 40-42 Kg/m3 density environment friendly HFC-Free Polyurethane insulation for low energy consumption (80 mm)
  • Full frontal water-proof design (IP21)
  • Air circulation by using fan
  • Reversible door allows the appliances to be adapted to any individual installation site.
Standart Accessories
GN 2/1 PVC shelf x4
Optional Accessories
Wheels , Stainless steel shelf , Marine type legs

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