Conveyor Type Dishwasher (Drying))


Conveyor Type Dishwasher (Drying)

  • Stainless steel body including washing and boiler tank
  • Hygenic washing tank
  • 133 racks per hour for (Rack dimensions 50x50 cm)
  • Effective drying through a high powered fan
  • 3 lt water consumption per cycle
  • Automatic, user friendly control panel
  • Continuous washing through conveyor system with dryer
  • Saves energy, detergent and water
  • Stainless steel washing arms
  • Adjustable feet for height optimization
  • Easy start-up: Single button for water filling and heating in the boiler tank
  • Electrical components and cabling according to international standards and safety regulations
  • The dishwasher is completely sealed to guarantee IPX5 water protection
  • Thermostat-controlled rinsing and washing temparatures for efficient washing
  • Non-returned - check valve system
  • Washing temperature at 55-60°C (water supply at a minimum of 2 bar and 50°C)
  • Rinsing temperature at 80-85°C (water supply at a minimum of 2 bar and 50°C)
  • Right type
Product code 0710.02000.01
Model Number OBK 2000
Product Type Electrical
Brand Ozti
Width (mm) 2550
Length (mm) 840
Height (mm) 1870
Net weight (kg) 320
Gross weight (kg) 350
Volume 3,8700
Capacity 2130 Tabak/Saat
Package Width (mm) 2600
Package Size (mm) 900
Package Height (mm) 2100
Package Volume 4.914
Product Quantity In Package 1
Electric Power 48
Electric Volt 400 V – 3NPE
Electric Frequency 50
Hot Water Pressure 2 - 4 bar
Hot Water Hardness 0-10 Fransız su sertliği
Cold Water Pressure 2 - 4 bar
Cold Water Hardness 0-10 Fransız su sertliği
Washing Water Temperature (°C) 55-60
Wash Pump Power 0,72/1,7
Washing Pump Flow 440/659
Rinse Water Temperature (°C) 80-85
Rinse Pump Power 2,37
Rinse Pump Flow 18
Drying Fan Power 0,45
Drain Inlet Diameter 1 1/4''
Maximum Noise 80
Boiler Volume 18
Boiler Heater Power 27
Tank Volume 60/90
Tank Heater Power 9
Standart Accessories
Rinsing pump
5 baskets promotional (3xPlate, 1x Glass, 1xCutlery)
Flexible water supply and drain hose
Stainless steel washing arms
Optional Accessories
Detergent dispenser
Drain pump
Rinse aid dispenser

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