Cold Banquet Trolley)


Cold Banquet Trolley

  • GN 2/1 size refrigerator with single door
  • HACCP digital control panel
  • 304 quality stainless steel
  • Operating temperature -2/+8°C.
  • Clean-free condenser
  • Maximum internal capacity minimal temperature increase during defrost.
  • Most efficient air distribution inside with a specially designed air channel.
  • The inner liners and inner lower base which are deep drawn comply with the highest hygiene standards with rounded corners and are made of stainless steel.
  • Mono-block design
  • Automatic fan cut-out switch
  • Wide magnetic removable gasket with triple indulation area provides an effective seal which reduces heat lost.
  • 40-42 Kg/m3 density environment friendly HFC-Free Polyurethane insulation for low energy consumption (60 mm)
  • Full frontal water-proof design (IP21)
  • Air circulation by using fan
Product code 7919.GNB05.00
Model Number GNB 500 NMV
Product Type Electrical
Brand OZTI
Width 910
Length 850
Height 1816
Net weight 127
Gross weight 138
Volume 1,4
Capacity GN 2/1 x 3
Package Width 920
Package Size 860
Package Height 1960
Package Volume 1,55
Product Quantity In Package 1
Cooling Capacity 0,32
Refrigerant Gas R134A - 145g
Electric Power 0,3000
Electric Volt 230 V – NPE
Electric Frequency 50
Maximum Noise 60
Protection Class IP2X
Standart Accessories
PVC Shelf
Optional Accessories
Stainless steel shelf

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