Gas Cylindrical Boiling Pan 60 lt Direct Heat)


Gas Cylindrical Boiling Pan 60 lt Direct Heat

  • Direct or indirect heating systems
  • Round monoblock boiling pan suitable for cooking, sautéing and poaching
  • Double skin lid with counter balanced mechanism for easy opening
  • High quality thermal insulation of the pan for energy saving
  • Energy regulation through a control knob
  • Chrome-plated draining valve with large athermic handle
  • Solenoid valve and chromed swivel tap on top to refill with hot and cold water
  • Indirect Boiling pans ► Uniformly heated in the base and side walls of the pan by integrally generated saturated steam at a temperature of 110°C and a pressure of 0,4bar in the jacket. ► Safety valve with manometer to avoid overpressure of the steam in the jacket ► External valve to evacuate manually excess air accumulated in the jacket during heating phase.
  • Micro perforated high performance stainless steel burners with flame failure device on gas models
  • Electronic ignition system visually controlled by indicator lamp on the front of gas models
  • Incoloy armored heating elements fitted inside the jacket cavity base with safety thermostat on electric models

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