Half Module Ribbed Electric Grill,Chromium Plated)


Half Module Ribbed Electric Grill,Chromium Plated

  • Designed for high productivity, outstanding performance and even heat distribution
  • Independently controlled cooking zones for economy during quiet periods
  • “Satin finish” or “hard chrome coated” mild steel plate contained in a watertight recess for more efficient cooking
  • Large drain hole on cooking surface for ease of operation and cleaning
  • Large fat collection drawer with a capacity of 1.5liter for uninterrupted cooking
  • Removable stainless steel high splash guards on the rear and sides of cooking surface for operational comfort
  • Heating elements positioned under the cooking plate ensures even heat distribution and rapid heat up
  • Thermostatic temperature control between 50-300°C
  • Choice of cooking surface: Smooth ,half ribbed or fully ribbed versions are available
  • Hard chrome coated mirror finished option for ease of cleaning, reduced heat radiation and scratch resistance
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