4 Electric Hot Plates Range On Electric Oven)


4 Electric Hot Plates Range On Electric Oven

  • Ease of cleaning and extra strength with 1,5mm laser cut deep drawn monoblock cooktop
  • Cast iron hot plates hermetically sealed to one piece top
  • Overheat protection by safety switch
  • Temperature control between 90-450˚C by 6 position selector switch
  • Under-counter static oven: ► Fully stainless steel chamber with 3 level chrome coated removable rack guide for grid/pan 2/1GN ► Heating elements located on top and the bottom with individual control ► 40mm thick stainless steel door to ensure good insulation ► Ergonomic and strong door handles ► Thermostatic temperature control between 50-300°C ► New design deep drawn door and chamber front support for closure without gasket and better hygiene ► 4 hot plate electric range oven dimensions suitable for grid/pan 2/1GN
Standart Accessories
GN 2/1 Izgara teli

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