Electric Bratt Pan 50 lt Manual Tilting)


Electric Bratt Pan 50 lt Manual Tilting

  • High grade 8mm stainless steel thick bottom for corrosion resistance
  • Optional 10mm thick duomat cooking surface with the combination of 2 different stainless steel for better thermal stability available on request
  • Rounded corners for ease of cleaning
  • Electronic ignition system visually controlled by indicator lamp on the front of gas models
  • Safety system to cut off gas and heating if the pan is raised
  • Safety thermostat to avoid overheating
  • Thermostatic temperature control between 120-300°C on gas models and 50-300°C on electric models
  • High quality thermal insulation for limited heat radiation and low energy consumption
  • Lid with counter balanced mechanism for easy opening
  • Manual wheel-operated or optional electrically controlled tilt mechanism
  • Solenoid valve and chromed swivel tap on top to refill with hot and cold water.
  • Stainless steel burners with flame failure device for optimized combustion on gas models
  • Even heat distribution with armored heating elements under the cooking surface on electric models
Product code 7867.N1.80708.01
Product Name 700 SERİ DEVRİLİR TAVA ELEKTRİKLİ 50 LT. 80*70*85
Model Number OTE 50
Product Type Electrical
Width (mm) 800
Length (mm) 700
Height (mm) 850
Net weight (kg) 112
Gross weight (kg) 136
Volume 0,61
Package Width (mm) 910
Package Size (mm) 830
Package Height (mm) 1.090
Package Volume 1,12
Product Quantity In Package 1
Electric Power 7,5000
Electric Volt 400 V - 3NPE
Electric Frequency 50/60
Cold Water Pressure 1,5-6
Cold Water Hardness 0-10
Protection Class IP21

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