Base With Door, Full Module)


Base With Door, Full Module

  • Unit can be installed below other 900 top models.
  • Large base compartment can be used for storage of pots, pans etc.
  • Double skin doors with ergonomic handle and magnetic lock provides maximum comfort and hygiene.
  • All cupboards can be supplied without doors but in case of need the doors can be install at any time.
Product code 7876.N1.80905.00
Product Name 900 SERİ SET ALTI DOLAP 80 LIK
Model Number ODK 8090
Product Type Notr
Width (mm) 800
Length (mm) 791
Height (mm) 570
Net weight (kg) 22,6000
Gross weight (kg) 27
Volume 0,61
Package Width (mm) 850
Package Size (mm) 850
Package Height (mm) 580
Package Volume 1,12
Product Quantity In Package 1
Protection Class IP21

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