Gas Cylindrical Boiling Pan 150 lt Indirect Heat)


Gas Cylindrical Boiling Pan 150 lt Indirect Heat

  • Round or rectangular kettles are suitable to cook saute or poach all kinds of food products.
  • Monoblock well up to 250 litres for ease of cleaning and durability.
  • Double skin lid which increase isolation of the cooking vessel has hinged and counterbalanced mechanism for easy opening-closing.
  • Firmly fitting lid reduces cooking time and save energy cost.
  • Indirect boiling pans provides a uniform heated base and side wells of the kettle by an indirect heating system that uses integrally generated saturated steam at a temparature of 110 °C in the jacket.
  • Gas models equipped with robust micro perforated stainless burners with flame failure device for added safety.
  • Additional isolation material all over the cooking vessel for minimazing energy cost.
  • Energy regulation through a control knob.
  • Large capacity drain tap enables easy discharging of the food.
  • Safety valve avoids overpressure of the steam in the jacket on indirect heated models.
  • Manometer allows to correctly control the functioning of the vessel.
  • External valve allows to manually evacuate excess air accumulated in the jacket during heating phase
  • On gas models thanks to the electronic ignition system which increase comfort and the user can follow visually all kind of working status by indicators which are located on front panel.
  • The appliance is fitted with solenoid valves for cold-hot water and chromed spout located on top for filling the vessel.
  • On gas models supply votage : 220-240 V / ~NPE /50 Hz

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