Full Module Solıd Gas Cooking Top)


Full Module Solıd Gas Cooking Top

  • Durable cast iron cooking surface which is 22 mm thick for maximizing unit heat retantion.
  • The cooking surface creates differentiated temperature zones with a maximum temperature in the center of 500 °C and gradually decreasing to 200 °C at the perimeter, thus allowing for different types of cooking. Boiling at the center – low simmering at perimeter.
  • Single ring cast iron central burner with optimized combustion equipped with flame failure device, protected pilot light and piezo ignition for added safety.
  • The cooking surface is divided into four segments for easy cleaning and maintenance purposes.
  • Insulated combustion chamber beneath the cooking plate with insulation between the panels.
  • The cooking plates rests on woven ceramic fibre support to avoid transmission of heat directly to the work top.
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