Half Module 2 Induction Heaters Electric Boiling Top)


Half Module 2 Induction Heaters Electric Boiling Top

  • Glass ceramic cooking surface with 2 or 4 independently controlled induction zones with a power of 3.5 kw per zone.
  • Almost the entire surface of the ceramic plate can be used without dead spots.
  • Each induction plate is equipped with overheating safety device for added safety.
  • The ceramic smooth cooking top is easy to clean and provides maximum hygiene.
  • Induction plates maximize the efficiency which enables cost reduction on electricity bill.
  • Thanks to the induction technology on which heating is only activated by presence of the suitable pan and the amount of energy delivered is proportional to the pan surface area so all the heat loss typical of conventional systems is eliminated and thus generates energy efficiency equivalent to %90 of consumption meanwhile the system creates less heat dissipation to the kitchen.
Product code 7865.N1.40903.IS
Product Name 900 SERİ SET ÜSTÜ INDUKSIYON OCAK 40*90*30
Model Number OSI 4090
Product Type Electrical
Width (mm) 400
Length (mm) 900
Height (mm) 280
Net weight (kg) 25,4000
Volume 0,61
Package Volume 1,12
Product Quantity In Package 1
Electric Power 7
Electric Volt 230 V - NPE
Electric Frequency 50/60
Protection Class IP21

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