Full Module Four Burners Gas Boiling Top)


Full Module Four Burners Gas Boiling Top

  • Each open burner on boilingtop is equipped with flame failure safety devices.
  • All ranges and boilingtops have deep drawn 2 mm monoblock cooktops,tops which have rounded corners for ease of cleaning and extra strength.
  • Special designed extra powerful brass burners have designed in order to maximize power, combustion and efficiency.
  • Burners are equipped with pilot flames to make usage easier and faster.
Product code 7865.N1.80903.20P
Product Name 900 SERİ SET ÜSTÜ DÖRTLÜ OCAK GAZLI 80*90*30 (4x10=40 kW)
Model Number OSOG 8090 P
Width (mm) 800
Length (mm) 900
Height (mm) 280
Net weight (kg) 61,6000
Gross weight (kg) 62
Volume 0,61
Package Width (mm) 91
Package Size (mm) 100
Package Height (mm) 47
Package Volume 1,12
Product Quantity In Package 1
LPG Gas Type LPG
LPG Gas Power 40
LPG Gas Nominal Pressure 30 / 50
LPG Gas Consumption 3,1500
Natural Gas Type Doğalgaz
Natural Gas Nominal Pressure 20
Natural Gas Consumption 4,2300
Protection Class IP21
Standart Accessories
Cezve altlığı

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