Electric Bratt Pan 130 lt Manual Tilting)


Electric Bratt Pan 130 lt Manual Tilting

  • The cooking pans bottom is made from high grade 8 mm thick stainless steel as standart for high corrosion resistance.
  • As an option cooking surface with duomat bottom which is 10 mm thick alloy obtained from the combination of 2 different stainless steels for better thermal stability and high corrosion is avaliable on request.
  • Burners in stainless steel with flame failure device for optimized combustion.
  • On electrical models armoured heating element placed underneath cooking surface, provides even heat distribution.
  • During cooking phase if the pan is tilted, burners will shut off automatically and when the pan tilted back the burners will restart automatically by the use of microswitch.
  • Working temperature can be set from 120 to 300 °C on gas models and 50-300 °C on electrical models.
  • Energy input controlled by energy regulator.
  • Additional heat insulation surrounding the pan provides limited heat radiation and low energy consumption.
  • Manual tilting mechanism is standart to facilitate pan emptying also automatic tilting mechanism is avaliable upon request.
  • All pan internal surfaces are rounded and polished in order to make easy cleaning.
  • The appliance is fitted with solenid valve for operates cold-hot water and chromed spout for filling the pan.
  • Double skin lid which increase insulation of the bratt pan, has hinged and counterbalanced mechanism for easy opening-closing.
  • Safety thermostat for avoiding over heating of the pan.
Product code 7867.N1.12908.06
Product Name 900 SERİ DEVRİLİR TAVA ELEKTRİKLİ 130 LT. 120*90*85
Model Number OTE 130
Product Type Electrical
Width (mm) 1200
Length (mm) 900
Height (mm) 850
Net weight (kg) 186,6000
Volume 0,31
Package Volume 0,64
Product Quantity In Package 1
Electric Power 15
Electric Volt 400 V - 3NPE
Electric Frequency 50/60
Cold Water Pressure 1,5-6
Cold Water Hardness 0-10
Protection Class IP21

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