Combi Oven Gas - 102 (20 x GN 1/1))


Combi Oven Gas - 102 (20 x GN 1/1)

  • 10-inch touch-sensitive control panel for ease of use, even for inexperienced personnel
  • The cooking and boiler are completely made of AISI 304 Cr-Ni and the outer cover of AISI 430 stainless steel sheet.
  • Three different cooking modes 1. Combi Mode (25-280 °C), humidity can be adjusted to the desired ratio 2. Dry Heat Mode (25-280 °C) 3. Steam Mode (25-130 °C)
  • Banquet Heating Mode
  • Manual moisturising feature (moisturising dose adjustable)
  • One button control (with check function).
  • Intelligent tray feature at the same time on the basis of the rack can be cooked at different times
  • 7 programs (cleaning of steam generator, T9, intermediate, without a tablet, fast, medium, intensive) automatic washing mode
  • Precise fermentation without the need for fermentation appliance
  • Rack system for easy entry of mobile oven rack into the oven
  • Easy to install door seal to prevent steam loss
  • Double glass to prevent heat loss
  • High temperature and vapor resistant interior cabin halogen lighting lamp
  • The fish, chicken, and meat cooking possibility with central temperature (meat) probe (25-99 ° C).
  • Long-term slow cooking with Delta T cooking option
  • Free cooking with up to 24 hours of cooking and the actual duration of cooking can be observed
  • Construction and air ducts for homogenous distribution of hot cooking air
  • Adjustable speed cooling system
  • Pre-heating feature with adjustable temperature
  • 5 different fan speeds
  • Manual hand spray for cleaning of the oven cavity
  • The manual steam spray system
  • Vapor condenser system
  • Temperature and time display panels from the touch screen
  • 50 ready-made recipes (over 1000 can be registered)
  • The described number can be saved (over 1000 can be registered)
  • Ability to saved the desired quantities of recipes
  • Recipe copying and software downloading feature with USB input
  • Actual date and time on the touch screen
  • Available in the desired language
  • 8-step cooking program to create
  • Safe, double step door lock system
  • Specially designed oven cabin with full hygienic and rounded interior corners
  • Lower cooking time than standard convection ovens
  • In terms of safety, the interior cabin fan system that stops in a short time when the door is opened
  • Automatic resealable drainage
  • Easy washability in the cabin
  • To be able to perform active control of all functions in service mode
  • The ability to detect the amount of lime formed in the steam generator and to provide cleaning warning according to the lime ratio
  • Fault warning system (low water level etc.)
  • Limit thermostats in the steam generator and cavity
  • Powerful steam generator with an automatic filling system
  • It can work with LPG or natural gas and can be transformed without any modification.
  • Gas valve, electronic ignition system, a safety system that automatically cuts gas if the flame extinguishes
  • Heat exchanger pipes with long life and heat conduction performance
  • Low-emission and high-efficiency combustion system (premix system) and quiet-running high-performance burners
  • The distance between rack: at least 63mm
  • Useful internal volume: at least 0,44 m³
  • GN 1/1 tray at the same time to cook 20 pieces of capacity
  • Electric power: 1 kW (dry heat power: 42 kW, steam power: 35 kW)
  • Fan motor power: 2 x 850W
  • Water inlet: 3/4 ", water pressure: 1,5 - 4 bar
Product code 7890.C1.10G21.03
Model Number OKFG 102 C
Product Type Gas
Width (mm) 1230
Length (mm) 1096
Height (mm) 1089
Net weight (kg) 232
Gross weight (kg) 252
Volume 1.46805912
Capacity 20 GN 1/1
Electric Power 1
Electric Volt 230V - NPE
Electric Frequency 50/60
LPG Gas Type G30
LPG Gas Power 35 / 42 kW
LPG Gas Nominal Pressure 30/50 mbar
Natural Gas Type G20
Natural Gas Power 35 / 42 kW
Natural Gas Inlet Diameter 3/4"
Natural Gas Nominal Pressure 20 mbar
Steam Power 36 kW
Cold Water Pressure 1,5 - 4 bar
Cold Water Hardness 8 dH, 14.2 fH, 10 bH
Boiler Heater Power 36 kW
Optional Accessories
1 GN 1/1 Wire Grid

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