Convection Oven)


Convection Oven

  • Stainless steel body
  • Insulated cooking chamber prevents loss of heat
  • Safety thermostat
  • Digital thermostat-controlled cooking temperature
  • Adjustable cooking time up to 2 hours
  • Opportunity to request automatic humidifier blowing steam onto the food
  • Oven interior lighting
  • Silicon gasket to prevent heat escape through the door
  • Safety switch which stops the cooking process when the door opens
  • Composed of heat-resistant double glass door
  • Easy-clean door interior glass
  • Cooking moist and dry conditions with 4-position function switch
  • Gas valve device with automatic ignition, pilot flame and the safety valve
  • 68mm Distance between Shelves
  • Adjustable legs
  • Available LPG or Natural Gas
Product code 7890.6G110.03
Model Number OKFG 61
Product Type Gas
Width (mm) 900
Length (mm) 816
Height (mm) 928
Net weight (kg) 112
Gross weight (kg) 129
Volume 0,6815
Capacity 6 GN 1/1
Package Volume 0,9600
Product Quantity In Package 1
Electric Volt 230V - NPE
Electric Frequency 50/60
LPG Gas Type G30
LPG Gas Power 12
LPG Gas Nominal Pressure 30/50 mbar
LPG Gas Consumption 0,9400
Natural Gas Type G20
Natural Gas Nominal Pressure 20 mbar
Natural Gas Consumption 1,2600
Cold Water Pressure 1,5 - 4 bar
Cold Water Hardness 8 dH, 14.2 fH, 10 bH
Protection Class IP 21
Optional Accessories
1 GN 1/1 Wire Grid
1 Oven Tray Kit Car
1 GN 1/1 Roast Chicken Wire.
1 GN 1/1 Potato Frying Basket.

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