Corporate Philosophy & Our Policies

Corporate Philosophy & Our Policies


Corporate Philosophy


Our Vision

"To be a customer-oriented, human and environmentally sensitive, technological, quality and innovative leader brand in the industrial kitchen sector"

Our Mission

          With all our Employees;

  • To meet customer expectations at the maximum level.
  • To ensure continuity in quality and service.
  • To provide continuous added value to society and the environment.

Management Philosophy


  • To ensure that our company is trusted by employees and the society, with the principle of following the laws sensitively.
  • To create and maintain a transparent and traceable management model,
  • To provide a healthy and safe working environment sensitive to people and the environment in our business activities.



          We undertake;

  • To comply quality management system principles and to prove continuous development of system efficiency.
  • To meet the customer’s requirements perfectly.
  • To apply the effıcient training programs at each unit.
  • To use modern production techniques.
  • To provide continuity of activites of design and & research development.
  • To carry on effective marketing researches .
  • To provide after – sales services.


           As Öztiryakiler;

  • We undertake to comply with all of the laws, regulations and obligations relating to the environmental policy,
  • To decrease the negative environmental effects at source and to prevent the environmental pollution and to pursue the environmental management performance continually,
  • To carry out continuous studies for the purpose of using the energy and natural resources productively,
  • To develop the environment-friendly applications and practices in the design, production, sales and after-sales activities starting from the selection of the input materials which form our products,
  • To care attention in decreasing the negative environmental conditions in the lifetimes of our products,
  • To create a continuous improvement point of view at all stages of the environmental management system,
  • To make our employees aware and conscious of being environmental volunteers on all of the areas of the life,
  • To improve and develop the environmental management system which is already formed and established in order to create the natural life areas for the future generations
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